A Field Trip to ERICA, Hanyang University

Today’s activity was one of the most unique experiences, as there was an opportunity to be emerged into Korean student life directly. Unexpectedly, we’ve gotten to not only practice integrated communication, but also to experience cultural differences in Seoul, Korea. Dr. Kim, in cooperation with his Korean colleagues, developed an exercise for us to create a communication plan for a company of our choice and present it to the rest of the class.

Hanyang UniversityThough understanding a little English, Korean students appeared to be too shy and nervous to speak. A challenge to create the communication plan for Ediya Coffee was accepted.

Being an individualistic nation, we seemed to lead the discussion the entire time. Also, we presented the finished plan. However, once the communication plan was finished, the students were eager to add their input to the plan and edit it in the written form. Thus, the Korean students participated in the group exercise despite the language barrier. Yet, they didn’t provide a great variety of ideas. Could this possibly mean that the education in the United Stated includes more practical assignments than in Korea? Perhaps. But, certainly, an exercise such as this has provided an important hands-on experience for all of us.

Moreover, the visit to the ERICA campus of the Hanyang University wrapped the overall amazing experience of the study-tour to the Republic of Korea. We were able to explore the differences in the culture of education. It seems like the major difference was in the fact that the Korean students were not taught to actively participate in class work, as they tended to listen more during our exercise. Also, as the Republic of Korea is generally a collectivistic society, the students appeared to provide a group contribution to the development of the communication plan.

Yet, in the same way as Kennesaw State University, the Hanyang University publishes its own monthly magazine, the Hanyang Journal, which covers news, student issues, art, theater, and culture. All in color, the publication keeps the students in touch with all the important matters in the life of a Hanyangian.

The Hanyang Journal

As a final touch to the amazing day at the university, we became ‘friends’ on Facebook in order to continue our international communication


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