In Dublin for the time being.

I have arrived in Dublin! After the 7 hour flight, I took a bus into the City Centre, backpack in stow and obviously looking like I don’t belong. Yet, after only a couple of days, this city has begun to feel somewhat normal. Already I have grown accustom to the ways of traffic, weather (incessant sprinkling), and the niceness of the people.

One of the oddest things I have noticed is how similar Dublin is to the United States, or even Atlanta. Of course, this probably derives from our nation’s beginnings as a large British colony, with its colonists maintaining and preserving the culture and identity of the homeland. Simple things are so similar, like the variety of food, the public transportation, or even the grocery stores. In Europe, I have only ever been to Italy, where things were a little bit more different. What surprised me was how quickly I was able to assimilate into the lifestyle and the social norms.


City Street, I ate Thai noodles here!

Also, I was unaware of the rich Viking history and presence in this city. Being so close to Scandinavia, Ireland was a great place for attack and pillaging. The Vikings have a lasting impression on Dublin and Ireland with their history, art, and influence.


Outside the Dublin Castle.


I have started my internship at the Jameson Dublin International Film Festival. I’m doing research about audience engagement and the branding of the festival, seeing what other festivals are doing and looking into ways the Dublin festival could incorporate different ideas. My timing was impeccable because the office of the film festival will be moving across town in about two weeks, so that’s nice.

While not interning, I have taken the great opportunity to get to the city that will be my home for the next 8 weeks. Wandering around the streets and areas, going to historical places, and sitting in churches, Dublin is a beautiful city. Situated on a bay, it is not a large city. I usually walk the whole city each day, finding new restaurants or cafes.

Stay tuned for more adventures!


Marina in Malahide, a village near Dublin


Kilmainham Gaol, the old city prison.


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