Fashion Market

Daehangno is one of the most important tourism attraction that the city offers.  Besides the monumental malls that Seoul has, there are areas such as the Seoul National University in Jongno-gu area where all the stores are opened 24/7. For a tourist who is not familiar with the city, the excellent system of transportation in Seoul facilitates the way to get to the Daehangno area.  As soon as one leaves the subway station, one can see several informal stores aside the street.

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Walking up through the street it is easy to find street artists, restaurant, and several spots to shop.  Daehangon is well known for the diverse activities that local and foreigners can find in this area. However, as some other 24 hour market places around Seoul, Daehangon has several stores where one can buy various things. The prices are cheap and apparently the quality of the products is good. Fashion market around Seoul is as important as the Medical Market in this city. People from all South Korea, Japan, China and the rest of Asian countries come to Seoul to either get something trendy or to improve their look.  The plenty options of products that the fashion market offers to the tourist make it difficult for them no to spend some money on several articles.

The fashion market in Seoul is quickly growing.  In fact, people can find from fabrics to accessories. As a professional who is interested in fashion, I can compare North American, South American, and Korean market and conclude that the Korean market is really active and dynamic.However, some of the issues of this 24/7 Korean fashion industry can lead to consumerism culture. What do you think about leading great populations such as the Korean population to a state of great consumerism?


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