Connectivity around Seoul

It is 6:30 in the morning, and people around the Gangnam-gu zone the city are already up. People around the streets of the Inn-The City hotel there are a lot of people walking fast to be on time to their jobs or schools, or whichever final destination they may have. However, something is common among the people walking on the street. They all are using their mobile phones. Nevertheless, this is not something unusual on the 21st century. People around the world are using their cellphones to chat, surf on the internet, use social media networks, and listen to music. But what does it make Seoul a pretty special city? The answer is that IT in Seoul helps people be connected all the time and most importantly from wherever they want.

One can find around a lot of Seoul Free Wi-Fi Zones around the city. For instance, in the subway people can surf through the Internet while waiting for the train. Also, while walking around the streets where there are several businesses buildings, markets, restaurants, one can be connected to the Internet as well. According to Jong Geun Kim (20140), director information planning division Seoul Metropolitan Government, there are around 840 WiFi Zones and 3,100 AP (access points)in the city. For example, when traveling in the subway, it is easy to boxes with the sign of Seoul Free Wi-Fi Zone.

People around this big modern city demonstrate that the IT in countries such as South Korea, specifically  in Seoul city, are way ahead from other countries which are been called developed. In summary, connectivity in Seoul offers visitants from around the world to chance to stay connect on the Internet, and share their experiences in real time.


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