Between Budha and Jesus

Hidden behind modern buildings Bongeunsa is one of Korea’s most important temples that holds ancient heritage of Buddhist culture. Located at the slope of Sudo Mountain in Samsung-dong, South of Seoul, Bongeunsa temple offers to travelers the possibility to be in touch with the richness of Buddhist culture. Boungeunsa opens 365 days from 03:00 to 22:00. The temple offers tours to see each building, tea ceremonies, and art classes. Also, the temple offers several locations such as meditation center, the tea shop, a cafeteria, among other locations to pray and meditate.

 As soon as one arrives to this magnificent temple, one is caught his attention by the big Buddha statue, which is in the back of the temple. Also, one’s attention is attracted by the architecture of the building and the layout of the temple. Among the ancient constructions, the sound of prayers, and the nature, Bongeunsa shows the balance
between nature and faith.  The color read and green are mixture with other colors, and there are several pieces of decoration in each location.  Inside Daewonngjeon, one of the little temples part of Bongeunsa, people pray by bowing several times to the gold statue of Buddha which lays on the front of it.

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 If one has been in touch little bit with Buddhist culture, he can find particulartly interesting the way of the lay out and the architecture of the place. Different from Catholic Churches such as the ones that are located in Ecuador, specifically in Quito, the temples are open all the days during almost 21 hours per day. Also, the architecture is pretty different. For instance, in Guapulo churches (Quito- Ecuador) one can find several saints and different decoration inside the chambers of the church. In contrast, Bugeunsa temple exposes the figure of Buddha, and there are several location of the temple. Furthermore, the colors from Catholic Churches are different from the Buddhist temples. However, the some difference between these two type of religious temples. Both of them give the opportunity to light a candle and raise prayers to both Gods.

 The visit to these temples leaves a taste of peace insides one heart and soul. Even though the differences from western and eastern cultures are notorious, visiting temples such as Bongeunsa leaves a mark in your heart. No matter which is your God or your believes, there is always a place where one can find peace and tranquility.

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