Irish Cultural Dimensions by Jocelyn Weiss

As I discussed in my “In Awareness” country analysis of the Republic of Ireland, the Irish culture is one characterized by mixed context in accordance with Hall’s high/low context qualities. This is indicated by the Irish cultural tendency to establish and maintain loyal and strong social relationships as common to high context cultures.

Dublin City Centre

However, the Irish generally have a flexibility about them when consorting with different social groups and are often accepting of various social affliliations, as dictated by low context cultures. I have found these cultural considerations to ring true thus far in my personal experiences in Dublin. The locals are very friendly, quick to offer help and advice to an outsider such as myself, but seem somewhat reluctant to part from their own present group of friends and family, or socialize with me individually.
Dublin City Centre

Dublin City Centre

I see a mixing as far as doing/being and past/present tendencies. Although family and friends appear to take precedence overall, Irish individuals, particularly those I have met in a business context seem focused on their business at hand and place great importance on personal success (this is also coherent with Hofstede’s assignment of a high individuality dimension). I excited to see how other aspects of Hall’s cultural qualities and Hofstede’s cultural dimensions become apparent as I continue on my adventure in Dublin Ireland.


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