Irish Pride by Jocelyn Weiss

Ireland is well known for the famous beer brand Guinness and famous whiskey brand Jameson. I have taken tours of both the Guinness store house and Jameson distillery in Dublin City Centre and have spoken with a few of the workers at both locations. The Irish are very proud of their notorious alcohol brands, particularly Guinness; the locals view these brands as Ireland’s most prized contribution to the world and as the foundation of their country’s economic success.

Jameson Distillery Dublin City Centre


Guinness Storehouse Dublin City Centre

Additionally, Ireland is well known for its contributions to literature, historical architecture and deeply cultural history as they have attempted to establish themselves as a culturally and geographically entity separate from the UK since their struggle for independence from British rule in 1912. All of this and more were important facets of Ireland that influenced my decision to make it my SEAM destination. As a country that has only been independent of British rule for about a hundred years, they are still attempting to establish their own unique culture and the resulting attempts have created a beautiful and interesting place to visit.



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