Fleishman Hillard South Korea. Authenticity Gap and Emotional Approach

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With 80 offices distributed in 28 countries around the world Fleishman Hillard is always innovation and introducing new concepts in the field of PR. This company was launched in Seoul, South Korea in 2011. Fleishman Hillard’s market shared is constituted in three principals markets: public sector, domestic private sector, and foreign private sector. Among its principal clients in the public sector we can find: The Blue House and Ministry of Gender Equality and Family. Within its clients in the domestic and foreign private clients we can find companies such as Samsung, Hyundai, ATT, Kellogg’s. The pillars of Fleishman Hillard are based on TRUE, harmony, innovation, and quality.  According to the Yvonne Park, managing Direct of Fleishman Hillard in Korea, individuals must to be “happy,” so that the final service offered to the client would have the good energy of the team.


As pointed before Fleishman Hillard is one of the most important PR company in Seoul and in the world. Brand and reputation are two foundations that the people in Fleishman Hillard work in order to execute successful campaigns. Dave Senay, President and CEO of the company, mentioned that brand and reputation are that drive the brand. Mr. Senay added that brand is what you say and how you behave. On the other hand, reputation of a brand is the way the target audience sees the brand said Mr. Senay. Besides these two concepts, expectations and experiences are important concepts that are worth to understand. Expectations are based on the experiences of the clients. For instance, expectations are what a brand needs to accomplish in order to get their target. In addition, the alignment of the brand and reputation is what to drive the company. As a result, when these two concepts are not well built, there is a gap called the “authenticity gap.” There are nine drives to measure the authenticity gap. These nine drives are distributed in three main groups: manager behavior, customer benefits, and society outcomes. Lastly, in order to define the authenticity gap of each brand, companies like Fleishman Hillard have to research the market. As a result, research about the authenticity gap should be applied in order to increase the alignment between the brand and the reputation of the company.

Fleishman Hillard has worked with international summits such as G20 Business Summit and Nuclear Security Summit. For instance, the Nuclear Security Summit (NSS) preparatory Secretariat was conducted by Fleishman Hillard. The integrated campaign faced the challenge to inform the general public in order to raise public interest in nuclear security. The NSS was positioned was “The Peace Summit.” The integrated campaign was spread in serial media by the metheo PESO “paid, earned, shared, and owned” reported the website Spike AsiaVideos (hyperlink). Videos such as the “Peace Song”

were developed to accomplish the goal about raising public interest. The result of the campaign were 4000 downloads of the music song. Also, 20, 286 stories talked about the NSS from the period of October 2011 to the end of March 2012. In order to accomplish these results, they use the emotional approach on the campaign. Also, famous celebrities were used in order to educate the public about nuclear security.






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