Golden Triangle Tour

By Idiaz

While we were in Nattika Resort, Catalina and I planned a “live cooking demo” activity for the guests. Nattika Resort has the Ayurvedic concept; therefore, the food is healthy and the guests were interested in learning more about it. Although Indian food is very spicy, I have to admit that it is delicious. One of the most common South Indian dishes are the paratha bread and dosa, wIMG_20130703_200730hich is a vegetarian one.

Then, we decided to do the Golden triangle tour. If you come to India you will have to do it, in order to know the real India. The golden triangle is composed by New Delhi, Agra and Jaipur. The location of these cities has the form of a triangle and is called golden because of its richness in culture and history. I have to admit that I was a little bit afraid about this trip because someone had told me that the most developed state in India was Kerala. Our trip started by train; it was exciting, but at the same time intimidating because everybody was looking at us.

Finally we arrived to New Delhi; I just had in my mind the “ Slumdog Millionaire” movie. IIMG_20130710_104051 was waiting to find a dirty and an old city; however, I found a beautiful city with modern and old temples and many green zones that is why it is called the green city and above all it is full of history; of course, there was pollution and the level of noise was overwhelming.

Then, we went to Agra where the Taj Mahal is located. The Taj Mahal was built under the Muslim Emperor Shah Jahan’s government, in honor of his wife who died while giving birth to their 14th child. More than 20,000 workers were involved in its construction and after finishing the Taj Mahal, the Emperor ordered to cut theIMG_20130708_154544 hands of those who had worked in the construction to ensure that an equal mausoleum would not be ever built.  In addition we understood that Indians are so excited to see tourists; during this tour many people asked us for pictures. The most exciting thing about India is that you can learn not just about temples or behaviors, but about religions and beliefs. In Kerala you can find a catholic church next to a Muslim one; however, in North India the level of tolerance regarding religions is low.  During our first night in Agra we learned that in July starts the Ramadan time for the Islamic people. Each day during this month, Muslims all over the world abstain from eating, drinking and smoking to enhance their spirituality, humility and patience level and every night they put Ramadan worship music until sunrise.

The last city was Jaipur called the pinkIMG_20130708_162706 city. I have to say that this is the dirtiest and disorganized city. This experience enriched my learning process; definitely, India is a country where you do not stop learning and experiencing emotions.



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