Center Stage

Since my previous post, I have calmed down tremendously. I took a few hours to rest and regroup.  As I mentioned before, there are a few students and professors from Kennesaw’s Theater and Arts department, as well as the Dean of College of Social Sciences participating in the festival.  I was excited to meet up with them and even more excited when I realized that I was not the only one who had unanswered questions.  I made them aware that I was here to help, since the festival host did not give a formal task to me.  At that time there was nothing for me to do, however I was asked to record the KSU performances that took place during the Opening Ceremony.

The Opening Ceremony was held at one of the theaters, about 20 minutes from the dormitory.  Riding through the city of Casablanca gave me mixed emotions.  On one block there would be a beautiful building and on the next, something similar to a ghetto.  When we pulled up to the theater; it was gated, the landscape was well kept and the building was very nice; however, the surrounding area…not so much.

Immediately after taking my seat, I was given the camera. I know a few of my fellow classmates would have loved to capture these moments on film; I on the other hand, wanted to be sure I remembered to take the lens cap off.  Quickly pulling from everything that I learned in my Communication and Technology Seminar, I practiced a few angles, remembered my rule of 3 and when it was show time, all performances made it on the tape ~ my professor would be proud!

The ceremony was very interesting; I was wondering how they were going to communicate their message to the very diverse audience.  There were at least 13 different countries present – Algeri, Chili, Cote d’Voire France, Georgia, Germany, Mexico, Morocco, New Guinee, Serbia, United Arab Emirates, United States and Venzuela.  I finally received an official program, and it was translated in French, English, and Arabic – but the workshop information was written in French and Arabic.  There were 2 hosts – one who spoke English and the other Arabic.  They also had a translator for the President of the Festival.  Overall, I believe it was executed very well.  The performances were in various languages but still very enjoyable, a little lengthy, but enjoyable.

Today was not as bad as yesterday and hopefully tomorrow will be better than today.

Until next time…



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