Outside the Box

By Idiaz

As much as we see on television or in the newspapers, the reality will never match with the experience that you have in person. Since I arrived here, I decided to enjoy everything of this trip, despite the bad experiences. What did  I learn? We spend a lot of time  using our mobile phones, Internet and computers, and we are not enjoying enough of the the beauty that the world out here is offering every day.

I have to admit that this has been really difficult for me because the society creates a necessity to use them all the time, but here we have no options, so we started to pay attention to the little things like the level of alcohol in Kerala. I have seen a long line in each liquor store regardless of time or place. Then, search in Google and I found this: getting through 8.3 litres (15 pints) of alcoholic beverages per person a year, according to a report by 2008 of the magazine The ECONOMIST.

Another aspect that was interesting to me was that when I went to a club with Cata, and our boss, there were just guys. Guys dance with guys and they looked us  as strangers not because we were tourists, but because we were women. Then, at 11:30 pm we had to leave because it was late for us. in India is common see a group of men and group of women even though they are in the same place.
Regarding  love, Indians have a different story about what is love. As said before, they need to find someone, otherwise their family  will arrange their  marriage. During this time, more than five Indians had tried to invite us to have a drink, eat something or for the elephant ride. Therefore, we decided to say that we have 3 children in Colombia and our religion does not allow us to make plans with other people different from our husbands. When you are abroad you have to think not only how to act but how to react in different situations.
This week we are working in Nattika Beach Resort which is part of the family’s resort. We have come here because the Director wanted to create a new environment. Therefore, we designed a plan to allow the guests to know each other and to have the opportunity to know other cultures in one night.

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