Where the Magic Happens

By Nakeisha Brownlee

I had the opportunity to spend the day with the Media Team.  This department, and practically the entire church, is led by young women and men in their early to mid 20’s and some younger than that ~ way to make me feel like somebody’s Aunt.

Although small in number, the Media Team accomplishes major things.  Tucked away on the back-side of the church, this room was equipped with everything needed to make “magic happen”.  I was very surprised to see that most of the programs, software and equipment used, were very familiar.  Panasonic flat screens, Mac lap and desktops, Sony Media cards, DVD players and burners…my technology professor would be proud.

Every Sunday there are 4 services; all recorded as well as streamed live to the eight different campuses throughout South Africa and online.  The recorded Sunday service is also sent to TBN, the number one viewed Christian channel on the continent, for national broadcasting.  This ministry is no stranger to getting the word out.  They create, edit and disseminate their own messages to the community. They are their own public relation agents!

Live streaming and television broadcasting are not their only means of external communications.  3c has an active youth following, so their social media presence is strong within the country.  They tweet, Facebook and recently are making their presence known on instagram.  Every Sunday, at the beginning of the service, they provide the congregation with a hashtag (#) to go along with the message for the day.  They encourage their members to update their status on Facebook, Twitter and other social media networks with key parts of the sermon, using the hashtag of the day.  Throughout the service, they place various tweets on the jumbo-tron for all to see.  The purpose is to show the youth and young adults ways to properly use the platform they are most comfortable with to spread the gospel.  3c Ministries often “trends” around the country and is the third most talked about topic in South Africa.

3c’s internal communications are just as advanced.  They use Planning Center to keep each service on schedule; if any particular part of the service goes over time, they try to make it up in the other parts of the service.  You can also send messages to a specific person if something is needed for the service.  I remember using this system at my home church in Maryland.  They also use systems like Sharepoint and Clarizen for project management; Whatsapp for group scheduling and message sharing; and a new system, just implemented a week ago, called Pastorpro. This system allows them to track the growth of their members and the growth of the membership.

3c Ministry’s means of communication both internally and externally are used to reach millions of people throughout the country. Successfully utilizing every media outlet available to them, 3c are leaving no stone unturned in the quest to win souls for the Kingdom of God.  If you have a moment, visit their website (www.3c.co.za) and tune into to one of their live services.

Until next time…



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