Good Deeds in India!

By Idiaz

It has been almost a month since our journey began and I can say that this experience has changed my life. I have learned new things and as a result I can see far beyond what my eyes can see. Before we arrived, I thought that this experience would help me to enrich my professional experience, but I was wrong; it has helped me not only for my professional experience, but also for my personal life. Thanks to embarrassing situations that we have faced, I have learned more abImageout this culture.

As Colombians we feel that if we give some presents or do good deeds, we will show how thankful we are.   Well, last weekend we planned to visit an Indian Temple, but first we went to a “Coffe- Cafe” (this is our favorite place) for a cold beverage and trying to be kind we also bought a coffee for the hotel driver, who was with us; he seemed to be happy for our attention; however, at the end of the day, the director of the hotel asked us if we had had a special attention with the driver. Off course we were so proud of our good deed, but then we realized our mistake!  In India, you cannot be nice with anybody; the driver was happy because with that coffee we were showing him that we were interested to know him a little bit more.

Although we have many funny stories to tell about Indians and our experience here, there are many problems in this region that worry us. The water contamination has been increasing the number of diseases in this area; also, the streets are full of garbage and people just walk as if they were not seeing the boxes, bottles and cartons on their way. However, they just say how thankful they are with their gods (Jesus, Buda, and the God of creation among others, depending on their religion) because they are alive and they live in the most beautiful place of the world. Regarding our Internship, we were working on a project that helps to increase the level of social responsibility of the Resort. This event was created with the aim of providing more tools to young generations that are attending public schools. The resort donated books to a local school.



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