June 20, Thursday – You know those times when…

By Tiffany Abera

You know those times when you just want a strawberry shake with French fries and ketchup? Yes, today was one of those days.  My stomach has been upset every day since I arrived and this sickness that I caught in the first week still hasn’t gone away.  I cough and blow my nose all day.  It only gets worse in the evenings and mornings.  Sure wish I would’ve bought the cough drops and decongestion medicine from home.

Tip to all travelers abroad: Be sure to bring any medicine that you think and don’t think you’ll need on any trip.  You can never be too prepared! I’ve had a not so pleasant and very memorable experience using local medicine while studying abroad in Costa Rica.  I’m a little nervous to try foreign meds now.  Sometimes they take almost expired drugs and then re-label them so that they are still sellable.  Actually it is a lot more common than people would like to believe.

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