Traditional Strategies for a Traditional Concept

By Idiaz

Do you think that you cannot be in love with this country?  Of course you can! This country can offer many options to everybody.  During this week we  have been meeting people from Germany, China and Philippines and even though they are different in many aspects, they come to India with the same purpose: To change their style of life and to find new experiences.

This is the reason why Coconut Bay Beach and  the other resorts on this area are  so important.  Since their main purpose is to bring the tradition to the modern life, they do not want to use social networking or other tools to show how beautiful Kerala is and its benefits. This is the reason why we are developing a plan for the purpose of creating loyalty to the resort; therefore,  we are designing a special welcome to the guest who comes every year to it.

In addition, for the purpose of increasing the level of e-Word-of-Mouth, we have been talking with the guests of Coconut Bay Beach Resort to let them know about Trip Advisor website and how this tool can help people that want to come to Coconut Bay Beach Resort in Kerala.


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