June 19, Wednesday – The Things You See in Nazret

By Tiffany Abera

Today I saw…

–          A truck full of camels. Yes a truck filled with camels driving down the street.  I was unsure at first if it was what I was seeing, but upon a further glance it was indeed what I thought it was.

–          The skull of an oxen laying on the sandy ground. It seemed out of place and I wondered how long it had been sitting there.

–           Donkeys playing with each other. There are donkeys everywhere and they cross the street better than humans. It was pretty cute I will admit.

–          Stores filled with brightly colored coffins. In Ethiopia there are two things that are done big: weddings and funerals.  I mean they were extravagantly colored with pinks, reds, blues, yellows, and greens in every hue.  There were some that even had sequins, sparkles and brightly colored glass.  Our coffins back at home are black, white, brown or gray which are way more boring compared to these coffins. I want to be buried in one of these boxes! Please put me in a brightly colored rainbow box covered in glitter and sparkles. On a more serious note, during the time of mourning after someone has passed away a family will dress in all black for two months.  Funerals may go on for three hours with a lot of crying, singing and wailing.  It is also well documented with photos and videos for proof to show others who were not able to attend.

–          A windmill farm. Outside of my hotel window I can see on the top of the mountain windmills generating renewable energy! Man do those things spin which make sense seeing as how it is windy as ever here in Nazret. I also never heard anyone talk about the windmills killing birds or generating jobs.  They mostly just go on with their lives and hope the power doesn’t cut out as it normally does.  I mean the food is pretty much already organic as it can be it would only be right to use green energy. 😉 Now the dam that they are building at the beginning of the Nile River…that’s another ball game that I do not wish to enter. I

f you want more information on the Ethiopian Dam Controversy, google it but proceed with caution and watch the sources!  You may end up finding some rather biased information.

I listed some here below for your convenience.






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