June 12, Wednesday – Babies laugh, cry, throw up on your hand and pee on your jacket. Great.

By Tiffany Abera

I find bodily fluids to be disgusting. No matter how old a person is or if it is even a mammal. It’s gross and I don’t want to touch it.  So naturally working with the babies today was right up my alley. Honestly, it wasn’t that bad until one threw up on me and another peed all over my jacket.  I was all done with my daily dose of baby juices by lunch time.

However looking past the rather unpleasant smells and juices there is a tragic yet miraculous story.  A majority of the infants were abandoned by their families and left to die.  They are underdeveloped because of a lack of nutrition that they didn’t receive in the first few days, weeks and months of their short lives.  As the nurses explained each of their stories I was hurt for the children by the injustice that they received.  They were thrown out like a piece of trash, but at KVI they have a chance to live and to be loved by someone.

There were a few children in particular that captured my heart.  One small boy was almost 3 years old but I thought he was closer to 9 months.  He had a gentle spirit and an infectious smile.  The doctors thought that he would never be able to crawl or even walk because of the lack of nutrition he received when he was a baby.  About two months ago he began crawling and can stand up while holding the crib. He is trying his best to walk and everyone including the doctors called it nothing shorter than a miracle.  God had truly blessed that child.

Another sweet angel is severely disabled and falls in and out of a state or awareness.  Her hands and arms are clenched tight as her eyes try to fixate on a noise or touch.  She smiles and giggles just like any other baby, but she needs more medical attention than the staff’s knowledge can give her.  I hope and pray that one day she may be able to find a sponsor who can support her medical needs.  In the same room was an infant who was 3 months old, but from appearance looked as if she was maybe 4 weeks old.  This child met the same fate as many of the others. The parents did not provide enough nutrition at birth greatly stunting the growth and was abandoned on the side of the road. I held this baby for quite some time. She was so small and fit so perfectly in the crook of my arm. She also left me a gift and peed all over my jacket.  That call that a blessing here. Not sure if I would consider that a blessing but I’ll go with it. There was another child that was two weeks old and was also abandoned and left to die on the side of the road.  She wasn’t even the length of my forearm and her head was bigger than her body; a sign of malnutrition.

By the end of the day I wanted to cry. Cry because these little gifts were thrown away like trash,, but these babies are blessed because they were found and have a chance at life and a loving family.  Sometimes if the baby is lucky the parent(s) may be found and are brought to justice.  However, they are only incarcerated for 1 year.  That seems a little short for abandoning and leaving the baby for death on the roadside.  It wasn’t the most exciting day, but I will never ever forget it.


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