India from Within

By Idiaz

This is my third week in India and what an amazing adventure it has been! This trip is great; when you are living an experience like this, you realize how lucky you are for being here.

Now I want to expose two samples of Indian culture that have moved me: 1) Kerala has Imagedifferent issues because of its poverty such as water contamination;  people have to buy bottles of water if they are thirsty, they do not have ice cubes because it would be more expensive for them and honestly, this has been one of the hardest part for us, since Kerala’s weather is humid.  2) We met a guy who was 67 years old and his wife was a teenager. Here is common that families arrange their kids marriage and for many generations it has been acceptable. However, people from this generation do not want to accept this tradition any more; they feel that need to be marriage to someone that really love, otherwise they will fail in their life as husImagebands/wives as well as fathers/mothers.

From my perspective and as I said last week this culture is very conservative and even though Indians are really nice and very friendly, I cannot imagine stay here for more than two months. I am well aware that Indian women really need some help with all their issues; it’s very sad to see how women do not have the same opportunities, in different fields.    Women have to stay at home all the time. Last weekend we went to the cinema to watch “Fast and Furious 6” and there were just men, Catalina and I. The director of the resort was explaining to us that in Kerala women can go to some places just in the morning or in the afternoon. Therefore, women cannot go to bars, he also said that as tourists we can go to different places, but not by our own.

A funny story about the cinema was that after one hour of movie they paused the film for a break, and after 15 minutes they put it again; however,   it did not start in the same part; when the Indians like an actor they start screaming and clapping.



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