June 17, Monday – Let the Research Begin!…for real this time.

By Tiffany Abera

Boy was I glad the night was over! I couldn’t wait to leave.  I was greeted by Benyiem and Teshe who work at KVI here in Nazret and they briefly took me around town and then straight to the orphanage.  I was given the usual tour and the facilities were very calm and quiet. A stark difference to the location in Addis as they only have 10 children.  Here they have mango and fir trees that shade the front lot.  There are all kinds of colorful birds nesting in the trees and a slight breeze flows through every so often.  It is a peace that can not be found in the city.

Teshe and I spent about 2.5 hours talking about the pilot project and I finally got some needed clarification on the project and my research.  We then set out for lunch and ended the day on solid ground.  I feel a lot better about my purpose for this project.  I also forgot to mention that I’ll be doing some extensive training on organizational communication for the remainder of my time when I get back to Addis.  It should be tons of fun!! I seriously can’t wait because they need it bad.

When I arrived at the hotel, I then got to meet one uncle of my husband, Teshome.  He was responsible for the suggestion to move me to the new hotel.  Gotta love the in-laws!


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