Thinking Glocally

By Bobby Lang

An American based corporation’s success abroadToday we visited the Brussels office for UPS, headquarters for the European Middle East and African region. Our presentation was led by two European born UPS men, Jim and Carsten.

UPS was founded in Seattle, WA on 1907 by 19 year old Jim Casey. In 1976, UPS entered the European market and has had great successUPS

One of the main reasons UPS has been so successful is due to their ability to “Think global, but act local”
These means UPS has global reach with their business but develops and executes PR plans in each country, based on market realities.

Jim explained a few ways to do this. One was to speak to the consumer thought the media, where you can promote and protect the reputation of your brand. While doing this, cultivate relationships with the media to make it easier on yourself in various business aspects.

Another is to work with local PR agencies to make connections with your target audience. These PR agencies can help make contacts and extend your reach in different countries. Also, this will help deal with any language barriers as Carsten explained that trust cannot be established without a common language because its easy to become detached from an unfamiliar audience.

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