Using Yoga and Ayurveda to Position and Promote India’s Tourism

By Cataline Quinones

Nowadays travelers are seeking different destinations and experiences to create a unique and unforgettable experience. Tourism in India offers this unique experience on an emotional, physical, intellectual, and even spiritual level.

Coconut Bay Beach Resort has guests that come to the hotel on a regular basis. Laura and I have been welcoming those guests that come regularly in a special way to make them feel part of the Coconut Bay Beach Resort family.

During the last days we have been updating the hotel website and making it user friendly. Additionally, during these week we have been talking with the guests in order to make them use Trip Advisor and leave reviews about the Resort. As Coconut Bay Beach Resort needs more Word-of-Mouth Marketing we have been encouraging the guests to use Trip Advisor and leave reviews. We are using yoga and ayurveda to position and promote India’s tourism.

These experience has made me realized that the best way to communicate is to be aware of people’s culture. By knowing their culture I immediately know what it is the best way to approach them and communicate with them. During these past two weeks I have meet people from Germany, China, and Philippines that have increased my desire to learn more about different cultures and beliefs.


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