The Office sans Carell

Driving (or riding in my case) through the streets of Pretoria, soon to be called Tshwane ~ but that is a story for later ~ is quite interesting.  Yes there are streets (contrary to popular belief), however it is not like driving around your typical American city – there are more housing developments, and the strip malls are not as plentiful.  The land was very open and filled with trees, huge boulders, green grass and mounds of dirt.

When we pulled up to the church, I felt like we were entering a camp ground – it was gated and the security guard was taking license plate numbers and signatures.

Now that I think about, everything is pretty much gated and secured by a guard.

I think I allowed the church’s streaming capabilities and other modern technological advances skew my vision as to what I was walking into.  As I got out of the car, I was greeted by a little monkey (random, I know) – we walked through a dirt, potholed path and entered an unwelcoming open hall. Taking in consideration this was the back entrance, there was nothing inviting about this building except for the people working in it (I guess that is what matters most)…and of course there’s no heat.

Behind the Scene

The building reminded me of a theater, as if we were back stage with the props and costumes and the only thing that mattered was the stage…well in this case the sanctuary (which I have not seen yet).

The Office

We walked into an office, one desk, a desk chair and two visitor chairs; low lighting and a space heater (YES!!!).  Another member joined us and we sat down to outline my role for the next coming weeks.  I gave them details about my background and my purpose for wanting to intern and after side conversations (½ in English, ½ in Afrikaans), they decided to allow me to work with and learn about every department.  A few of my duties will include, assist with planning their FunWalk; a 10k fundraiser, raising money for their Women’s Conference; work with the Media Team, assist with the Blanket Drive and visit various townships and observe the Student Christian Association (ACS meetings).  While I am here, I will be sharing office space, but I assume that I will be too busy to notice.  I am very interested in observing the relationships between the local communities and the church as well as the relationships within the church.

It seems like this is developing into a well-rounded internship.  Although these four walls have very little personality, the people I have met thus far have enough personality to adorn any building (pictures coming soon).

Until next time…

~ Nak 

Sidenote/Update ~ I decided to stay with my host family, they gave me an extra blanket and I have learned, in this short period of time, that there is more to life than wi-fi and constant connectivity…and they go to the gym regularly…my kind of family!!!


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