June 13, Thursday – “We are going where?”

By Tiffany Abera

My morning was pretty basic as I spent my time with the older children painting nails and hopscotch which I suck at. 😀 However the evening was full of interesting life. Ha! We went to a very traditional music and eating place called Bendeka.

Question: When you hear traditional music what are some things that you think of?…

Well I will tell you this, the idea of traditional in my head was nothing, nothing like what I saw tonight! Yes they had very traditional instruments that are still used in the ultra conservative Orthodox Church, but the performers and lyrics were most definitely not.  The woman performer was gyrating and massaging things that were not traditional in any sense.  I asked one of the men that was with our group what she was saying and he told me that he didn’t really know. He wasn’t focusing on her words if you know what I mean. LOL It was fun I will give it that much.

We came back pretty early and as I watched this movie there was a quote that really stuck me:

“There are plenty of ways to die, but you have to find a way to live.”

                It made me think about yesterday and the babies who were abandoned.  Sure you can die in many ways. Dying may be easier than actually living.  Living and finding your place and purpose in the world is the hard part.  We may spend our whole lives trying to find what makes us happy or what job will fulfill us.  It made me think about what I’m doing at school.  Why do I want this degree? Why am I here in Ethiopia for this internship?

The answer was not easy and maybe I might have it wrong but I know that communications is my passion. All kinds of communication.  Finding ways to make information available for others or to bridge the gap between one group to another is what fulfills me.  I did not expect to be working on foster care in Ethiopia but this area needs communication specialists just like us! They need information about this innovative program to be known throughout this country and even all of Africa.

It is humbling to know that the research that I will complete for them will have major impacts later on for many families and orphaned children.  International organizations that choose to sponsor the foster care program will read this report in order to make their decision whether or not they want to invest their time and money into the project.  Actually that is a really scary thought. My words will directly affect the organization in a positive or negative way.  Only thing I can do is to do the best job that I possibly can.  Good thing my education and previous internships prepared me for this task!


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