Daily Devotional – June 1st

By Tiffany Abera

I’ve got time to kill so I decided to walk around the airport for a bit and came across the chapel. The chapel looked quiet and inviting, but i just walked right on by. On my way back to the gate I felt this voice in the back of me head (not God’s but that annoying thing that tells you to do something and you either refuse or do it) telling me to go inside. I found a seat and said a quick prayer asking for patience, guidance and safety for my trip and for others in my class also traveling.

I brought along Meki’s daily devotional for some Jesus study time and to help keep me focused on God. Today’s reading could not have been more on time. It said God is pretty crafty with inviting us to do things for him. Ok so I paraphrased. Not in a mafia boss kind of way but in a loving kind of way.

Jesus said, “Come follow me.” – Matthew 4:19

I’m not sure what I will accomplish and I may leave at the end feeling like I’ve gotten nowhere, but at the end of the day I followed God’s invitation. God called me to this country, organization and this job. God called me to this profession and I’m excited to see where He means for me to go. What He has in store for me I know will be a blessing and I’m sure full of life lessons. And when those days come where I feel down and low I can have peace knowing that my value doesn’t reside in how well I do my job or how others view me, but my value is honored and cherished by God. That’s a pretty awesome feeling. Just saying.

It is good to…sing praises to your name…to declare Your loving kindness in the morning. – Psalm 92:1-2.


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