I’M HOME! (Well, not literally)

Did you know the David Ogilvy is widely hailed as the "Father of Advertising"?

Ahhhh…. Advertising. Now I am in my element. As the only person in my Cohort that received a BA in Advertising, I do believe that today was designed especially for me (or maybe I just feel that way). When visiting both Ogilvy and Saatchi & Saatchi I felt right at home. Both agencies are located here in Belgium and are home to many big name brands, some European and some American. While both organizations have their differences, they practice some of the same beliefs and strategies as I learned today.

Think about it, advertising is everywhere you look. It may not always be as obvious, but it is there. Traditional advertising consists of radio ads, print ads, and television but in today’s society advertising on social networking and adapAnn Maes of Ogilvyting the advances of technology are important. Ann Maes of Ogilvy public relations and advertising firm was first on our stop this morning. She told us how the firm in named after Advertising mogul David Ogilvy, and that they do not engage in classical PR, but rather reputation management, public affairs, and explained that Ogilvy likes tasks that are difficult. To explain this further, Ann shows a brief video of a Dove commercial using it to describe that “brand ‘x’ believes the world would be a better place if…”. Here is when Ann mentions familiar terms such as agenda setting, social media, and communication to explain how important the snowball effect is in regard to advertising, especially in regard to culture.

If you can recall from a previous post, culture is not just where a person is from, it is what they are engulfed in. Both Ann and CEO Yves from Saatchi & Saatchi Belgium referred to a popular quote of David Ogilvy’s; “the consume is not a moron, she is your wife.” Which I thought was noble, especially since these organizations are extreme competitors. At Saatchi and Saatchi, Yves explained to the group that brands should not always adapt to their audience, and that with the growth of technology and how times change, so should the way advertisers and attack their audiences. Check out this cool video Yves showed us.

Both Ann and Yves were extremely enthusiastic about their career and what they did! It was this unseen passion that solidified my appreciation for the field I am choosing to pursue. Public Relations and Advertising is much more than selling a product. It is bout establishing and building a brand. Both companies have taken an interest in campaigns to encourage Belgians to put cigarettes down. Ogilvy decided to show individuals what life could be like without smoking, while Saatchi & Saatchi utilized the love and popularity of the Belgian football team (American Soccer).

Our yummy treat today is the delicious local brand of chocolate Cote D’Ore. Since being here in Brussels, I have seen this chocolate all over the place. It’s popularity is close to a Snickers bar in America. It can be purchased in connivence stores all around Belgium for about 1 Euro, but is absolutely delicious. It can also be purchased online… if you so desire!


Until next time…

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