Frozen Pizza and Belgian Advertising Agencies

By Bobby Lang

Advertising in Brussel

I know I’ve already used up this line but, Today!, was the most interesting day of the trip so far for myself. Throughout my experience in the MAIGC program I have been drawn to advertising and the creative way of doing things. Upon graduation I hope to use my culinary background and knowledge working in some form of marketing and advertising with a food related aspect.Advertizing

Today we had the great pleasure of visiting two highly esteemed advertising agencies, Ogilvy as well as Saatchi & Saatchi. At Olgilvy, the first thing that caught my eye was the pool table, flatscreen TV playing sports, and the punching bag all in the main area of the office. I thought this was a great “work hard, play hard” addition to the office to create an atmosphere anyone would enjoy working in. Our presentation was presented by Ann Maes, no relation to the Belgian beer family. Ann touched on many great things about Ogilvy and advertising like reputation management and mobile marketing being on the rise and of great importance in the near future. The two points I really took away from her presentation is Ogilvy’s “The Big IdeaL” concept which relates to advertising agencies finding cultural tensions and creating a relation to a brand with the consumer that has never been done before. An example of this is my second point that I also really enjoyed. A successful campaign Ogilvy did for Maes beer, in which to create popularity with the consumer, Maes replaced the consumers empty case of the rival beer overnight outside their home with a case of Maes. I thought this was so creative and very interesting. Maes had been trying to get consumers to try the new beer and found a way to create publicity while almost forcing the consumer to try their beer. The campaign turned out to be great success.

Leaving Ogilvy I thought wow, that was great, we don’t need to go to Saatchi &Saatchi….. Glad that was not the case. Our experience at Saatchi led by CEO Yven was absolutely inspiring. I really enjoyed every minute of our time there. Yven was a little off the wall but that’s why I loved it. Being in advertising you really have to be creative and set your self apart from everyone else.Yven received his bachelors in psychology which I thought was so interesting, and a leg up on competition. We learned about many of Saatchi’s campaigns and watched a few of their ads they developed. My favorite ad was for Lurpak, a kind of healthy but flavorful butter.

It seems boring but the approach they took was at an angle of not talking about butter but everything around you when the product is used. Like a Saturday morning breakfast or enjoying fresh mushrooms, I really thought the ads were so creative and smart.

Along with a few F bombs, Yven described a lot of ways going about advertising campaigns and how to think as an advertising practitioner.

Towards the end of his presentation, Yven discussed an ad campaign for a frozen pizza company. Their campaign was successful due to the fact they didn’t try to make the pizza out to be a gourmet meal you’d give to a date, but instead market a pizza party on social media to get consumers attention. Yven said it best ” I mean F@&$!!, it’s just frozen pizza!

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