To the Queen: Trip to London

By Gabrielle Bellamy20130623-043948.jpg

Ello Poppet!

On Sunday and Monday, Holguine, Roberta, Jerrice, and I took the rails (the train) via Eurostar to London, England for holiday (vacation). Yes, we rode under the English Channel through the English Tunnel. London, a place where English is the main language; it may not be American English, but at least it is English. That means it was very easy to communicate with people, especially when we got lost. Roberta was even recognized as an international trouble maker because her middle name is Virginia. Another plus was English speaking channels on the telly (TV). The culture was very similar to the culture in the States. One thing I noticed on Monday morning was that people were moving about and headed to work early, similar to America and unlike Belgium. Also, I noticed the attire was more similar to America’s business dress code. Belgium seems to have a more relaxed dress code to match their relaxed culture.

We decided to do a bus tour that allowed us to see the entire city in 2 days. I liked this tour because we could listen to the history on the city about the different landmarks. We could do this by plugging complementary headphones into an area near our seats. Listeners were able to choose from about 8 different languages. We learned history related to American that we didn’t even know. There was also a bus that had live commentary, which was fun. Of course the best things we saw were Buckingham Palace, Big Ben, the London Eye (which we rode), Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre, and Platform 9 3/4 at King’s Cross Station (Harry Potter fans know the significance of this). We also drank many cups of tea (pinkies up) and had a taste of fish and chips.

Good day











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