Why ask Wi (fi)???

Before I left Atlanta, I took a trip to the Verizon Store.  I wanted to weigh my options of communicating and Internet accessibility outside of the country.  When I walked in, the sales rep greeted me and asked if he could help.  After explaining to him my reason for visiting, he gave me two options:

  • Option 1: Purchase a cheap phone when I arrive at my destination.  This will allow me to save money on service plans.  In other words Verizon will charge me an arm and leg to send one text or email…
  • Option 2: Keep my phone on airplane mode or turn off the data service.  When connected to wi-fi, I will have data plan capabilities and will be able to connect with the world like normal.

Weighing my options, I was leaning heavily towards option #2.  It seemed like a simple decision.  South Africa has wi-fi and when I traveled to London, there were free wi-fi signs everywhere.  I know that these are totally different countries but I’m sure I will be able to connect…why wouldn’t I???

I never realized how much time I spend using wi-fi or 3g until I was told that I will only have access 8 hours a day, or less.  Being able to communicate via new media (internet, social media, video-chatting, etc) has become very popular throughout several countries, however; I did not realize in some countries the popularity was limited to “business hour” use only.

I am renting a room with a family that does not have wi-fi (or heat for that matter…my hands and nose are freezing right now) and I am strongly considering saying thanks but no thanks, I’ll make other arrangements.  Not that wi-fi is that important, but without it, it makes communicating with the masses a bit challenging – which slightly defeats the point of this assignment (plus it’s freezing in here).

Maybe I’ll just deal with it…

Until next time…

~ Nak 

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