Just Throw It In The Bag…

By Nak

Anyone who knows me knows that I can make friends fairly easily, but my core circle never changes; and when I travel, it is typically with one or more persons.  So I surprised myself when I decided to embark on this journey…solo.  Given the opportunity to travel with a group of classmates to the beautiful country of Belgium, I politely declined and actively pursued a position at 3C Ministries. 3C Ministries is a diverse church with over 12,000 members in South Africa.  Through television and radio broadcast, this ministry reaches over 47 million people throughout Africa and Europe.  Working with this church I am sure to learn a great deal about the inner workings of a global organization from a communication perspective.

SOUTH AFRICA ~ I am not sure what emotion I feel about this journey or if there is an emotion present at all – maybe it’s anxiety.

Anxious because I have no idea what to expect…will they like, will I like them, will they understand me and my humor (I’m a funny person…lol)…there are a million and one questions floating around in my head and still a few unanswered.  You never realize how important it is to understand how two cultures can effectively co-exist, until you have no choice but to co-exist.

Right now the most important unanswered question is “what should I pack???”  I know this may seem trivial, but when entering a new work environment and more importantly, a new culture, even your clothing can communicate a non-verbal message that can be interpreted as offensive and that is not my intent. It may sound superficial, but first impressions are lasting…so I turn to Google!!!  It appears that the street fashion in South Africa is quite desirable, however I am sure my new employer would not appreciate a daily fashion show, or maybe they would…I don’t know.  I was always taught to error on the side of caution so, ten hours later (breaks and naps included) I produced two carry-ons filled with strategically placed and tightly rolled garments, complete with uneventful work attire and all things travel size.

I zip my bags ~ I pray for traveling mercies ~ and I’m off…I just hope what’s in store is more exciting than what is in these bags!

Until next time…

~ Nak ❤ 

p.s. They are going to like me right???


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