More About India…

By Idiaz

During this week Catalina and I have been doing interviews to different resorts and the more time we spend in this culture, we realize how strong the collectivism is in this country.  In Dr Gao’s class we talked about that some cultures are located at the midpoint, that means that they might posses both individualistic and collectivistic characteristics. However in India, collectivistic tendencies dominate. Indians not only want to protect their family but their community. the common answer is that Kerala’s community is as a big family and they need to protect the tourism industry as well as local people and their values. Indians know that this industry is the pillar of the economy and they need to “fight” for the purpose of keeping Kerala as a place where people can have a better life style.

Kerala is considered as a conservative state. People’s behavior is different from New Delhi or other big cities. For Indians, mother is a role model, and women have to keep that in mind; therefore, they have to stay at home, they cannot smoke or go to bars. This state also is considered as “Machista” that means that women do not protest when men say something, and the inequality between genders is enormous compared with the United States.

Regarding our internship we are developing some marketing activities to create an extra value for its   guests. Therefore, we create a yoga moon class, this class was in front of the sea for the purpose of creating a new environment and to allow the guests to feel the positive energy that the nature brings. Furthermore, the director of the resort asked us to take yoga classes to understand the concept of the resort. The Ayurveda concept has made that people from other countries want to come to Kerala to clean their body, mind and soul and if we do not see the benefits of this life style we cannot develop right strategies.


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