Incredible India

By Catalina Quinones

During the past days Laura and I have been interviewed the managers of some resorts and some guest. It is incredible to see a country with lot of poverty but with amazing and luxury resorts. India is in a stage of development where inequality and poverty are the major issues. But definitively, tourism in India is increasing the country’s economy and it is the principal reason why many Indians do not want the government to build the port.

During the interviews I have noticed the Hofstede’s five cultural dimensions:  inequality with power and wealth, a collectivist culture that focuses on relationship and trust building, masculinity in where I have experienced a gap between values of men and women. As a women, I have had to dress and behave in a different way. In India women have some rules and behaviors they must follow if they do not want to be rejected by the society. Moreover,  Indians have a preference for indirect and high context communication style which makes our interviews challenging. We have had to asked twice the same question, in different ways, in order to make them say what they really want to say. As Indians use communication to preserve and strengthen personal relationships they do not use direct communication and use evasive refusals, which are considered more polite.

The director of the hotel wanted some employees to learn Spanish, so we have been teaching them Spanish everyday from 7 to 8 am. In addition, as the hotel is focused on Ayurveda and yoga, they wanted us to start taking yoga classes to learn it, from a personal experience, in order to have a deep understanding of the hotel concept. Additionally, as a marketing plan we have been developing activities for the guests based on the hotel concept. Our first activity was the Yoga Moon Class: a yoga class at night on the beach in which 20 guest participated.


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