By DJ Adams

Did you know that His Presidency Herbet Hoover was known before as "the great humanitarian"?

Did you know that His Presidency Herbet Hoover was known before as “the great humanitarian”?

The Embassy of the United States of America to Belgium is yet another place that is full of history here in Brussels. Who would have known that America and Belgium were so closely connected? However, this close relation is an aspect of the Belgian American history that many are proud of. Jacqueline is the Deputy Public Affairs officer as well as a Foreign Service Officer here at the Embassy who’s main job is to focus on Americans in Belgium, and making sure the American story gets told here. To do so, Jacqueline explained that Public Relations (PR) and Public Diplomacy (PD)  are tools utilized. I know you are probably wondering what PR and PD is, right? Well, PR is the “professional maintenance of a favorable public image by an organization or a famous person.” PD is used in international relations and “is the communication with foreign publics to establish a dialogue designed to inform and influence.” Both definitions can be related within the other and used together, as the Embassy does. Both PR and PD are used here in Belgium to ensure that the American name and reputation is one of positive effect. It is not shocking that I have been and been asked “où êtes-vous?” Responding, “from America” many have made reference to President Barack Obama, and “Yes we can!”

Part of our tour around the Embassy’s media involved showing us where and how the US-European Media Hub worked. The goal of the Media Hub is to help media organizers in Europe gain access to policy makers in the US government. Doing so, organizers can schedule interviews with the PR goal of connecting US perspectives with the European public using the media. One tactic that the Embassy has used to gain a Positive image for America involves the current Ambassador Howard Gutman and his love of the media. Ambassador Gutman is very famous here in Belgium especially with the Flemish community. He has involved his communities in such ways of making a vow to visit all 589 communities here in Belgium, and succeeded. From a PR stand point, this is a great way to build his reputation and letting people know that he cares.
Chocolate Mousse

Chocolate Mousse

Over dinner we discussed how each of us were going to approach this topic, and I ordered an unforgettable chocolate mousse desert. Just thinking about it makes my mouth water! Chocolate mouse is a rich, frothy, creamy dessert made with whipped egg whites and heavy cream. Not the best idea for lactose intolerance, but nonetheless simply AMAZING! I found this exceptional treat at le petit restaurant Le Forestier. It had a crispy waffle portion on top and a cute little Belgian flag. Researching, it seemed as if I could possibly, try and attempt to, maybe no fail making this. Maybe I’ll ask Jerrice.

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