June 7, Friday – So Fresh and So Clean

By Tiffany Abera

Let me first start by saying that these past few days have been pretty cool.  To make it even better, ladies with natural or processed hair, I went to a salon. The only reason I went was that I could get my hair washed, rolled, dried, and straightened for 70 birr. 70 birr is maybe $4.00 USD.  Yes, I was not in that salon longer than 2.5 hours and that’s with the stylist doing mine and Betyi’s hair for $4.00 USD. If that’s not enough to make you move here I don’t know what will! I might go every week!

A good update on the rather slow progress of the research.  I have a more focused research question/thesis!! I think the few days out and letting my mind wander really helped me to find a more solid direction. Now if I could just get some internet going it would be relatively smooth sailing. Well as smooth as any research goes. Researchers you know what I mean.  I think this weekend we are going to work more on the interview questionnaire and I can find some time to sit down and write a proposal to submit to some potential conferences. I love submitting to conferences especially when they reply back with a yes I’ve been accepted. 🙂


The struggle is alive and real.


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