Have you ever sat back and thought about how frequent you use technology? I mean, really thought about it? Our cell phones, computers, tablets, cameras, and the list could go on. It is seemingly astonishing how often we use devices without a second thought. Many of us use our devices for standard everyday use, but the possibility of our devices can be endless.

When we met with the International Press Centre (IPC), Claude Cuvelier and and project manager Walter Vanderstukken showed us how advanced technology really is. After struggling through the on going construction of the area, we were led into a conference room where Claude thoroughly explained the primary use of the Residence Palace (the building that holds IPC) here in Brussels. This building was constructed in the 1920′s and is located in the middle of the European district, and provides space IMG_1441for workshops, press conferences, meetings, product launches, and even lunch or dinner events. Here there are offices that journalists and press agents are able to rent, and provide technical support to all who need it. This support is where Walter comes in with his project team.

After the presentation, Walter shows us around the Videohouse television facilities. We were allowed to see a press conference room, where journalists from around the world can come, watch, and ask questions. The rooms are equipped with microphones and headsets that have translators on the other end breaking though the language barrier. In these same rooms, Walter explains that each station in the stage is equipped with the technology that can connect any form of computer, tablet, or smart device to show presentations. Being an “Apple” girl, it was important to know if there technology would accept Apple devices. Walter explained that to use Apple devices, they utilize Apple TV as a converter and everything can be seen and shared on the large screen behind the stage. However, for individuals like Dr. McNeill who believe IMG_1373that Apple products and anything with a GPS on it is a tool for “the man” to monitor each step everyone in the world makes, everything here is PC compatible too.

To wrap up the tour, Walter shows us a news room stage complete with a green screen. Here journalists and broadcasters can use the room to record what they need to. There are even backgrounds that can be changed to simulate a different city or country. Next, we were shown a set that would be used to discuss the construction that was occurring in the area, and even a neat little room that had various monitors showing IMG_1376

Bobby and Gaby as broadcasters

things that were happening in and outside of the building. It was in this room that we were told that news clips from around the world were available for use of various networks. So, there is not always a camera man from your favorite news station right there on the scene. We ended our tour on the roof of the building where we were able to chat with Claude and Walter individually and of course snap a few photos.

At lunch, I had this amazing petite brownie from the restaurant EXK. Now, being raised in my family I am no stranger to good

EXK Brownie

brownies. This however was unlike anything I have ever had. First, this little piece of joy was housed in a cup cake paper that as you remove you are graced with the view of a moist chocolate treat. When I first bit into the brownie, it felt as if I was not eating a cake but as if I was eating just chocolate. Once again, as the chocolate hit my tongue it melted in my mouth and was wonderfully milky. I did not even need milk to wash this down. Gaby and Bobby sat in the garden with me and had lunch, so I could not allow them to go without experiencing such awesomeness, they agreed that it was amazing.

Later in the day, we visited the Parliamentary which is a technology filled museum that explains the history of the European IMG_1457Union. This was a self guided tour, and upon entrance we were given an iPod device that was programmed in our native IMG_1443language. As I walked through the museum, I was able to touch this device to various exhibits and I would either get a brief explanation in English, or a short paragraph I could read. There were plenty of touch screen walls and TV’s that encouraged visitors to become interactive. Toward the end of the tour, there was a room that had giant map on the floor. There were these portable camera screens that visitors could roll across the floor, and as you approached the dot on a country the device would then

iPod self guides tour

give you a brief history of that European country. Children and adults alike loved this part of the tour.

I have always loved technology, and the advances that i have witnessed make my inner computer geek come out… My Uncle Bernard (who built my very first computer) would be proud!

Until next time…


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