June 6, Thursday – A Breathtaking View

By Tiffany Abera

A brand new and beautiful day and I was thanking God hard when I woke up. Thankful that I had been rescued! Lol It wasn’t that bad but you can imagine being in a new country and not knowing your way around. I’m pretty good with directions and if I knew more Amharic then it wouldn’t be as bad. We left the Betyi’s sister’s house with the kids in tow and headed out! I didn’t know exactly where we were going as I was only told that it was 45 minutes outside of the city of Bole.

On our way to our destination we passed through Addis’ industrial zone and the Chinese run Eastern Industrial Park.  In case you have been living under a rock like the USA, the Chinese have an ever increasing presence in pretty much all of Africa and here in Ethiopia.  It has its advantages and disadvantages that the Chinese are here.  Even John Kerry said during the 50th Anniversary of the African Union (held in Addis Ababa right before I came) that the US wasn’t doing enough in Africa and will do more.  Depending on whom you are asking opinions will vary naturally.  It is still surprising to see the juxtaposition of newly paved roads, tall office buildings/malls to the poverty and animals freely roaming about in the cities.  Sometimes when I think I’m in the nice portion of the city I look to my left and there is a child sleeping in the middle of the sidewalk or a pack of donkeys holding up traffic crossing the road.

We made a pit stop to gather some snacks for the kids and the adults. And Lord I found a cold Red Bull! I was in heaven. Not that I drink many energy drinks but I think I was more excited that I recognized something on the shelf.  And after some more kilometers we made it to our destination, one of the more fancy resorts, Aldaba Resort.  It was started by an Ethiopian doctor that worked in Russia when they still had a connection to Russia when they were still a totalitarian country. Either way the resort was beautifully located on the hillside of a lake.  The food was alright.  And I got to try my first Ethiopian beers (bira in Amharic) called Meta Premium and St. George’s Beer.  Meta was way better than St. George’s.

We walked around a bit more until it got to be darker and then headed back out towards the city.  It was nice of Betyi’s sister and husband to treat us to that day.  The hospitality that I have felt by total strangers has been so humbling.  . Shoot it was a great day!


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