Ball et Parler C’est la Manière Bruxelles

By Gabrielle Bellamy


I just wanted to mention some more of my wonderful experiences in Brussels.

First, I want to talk about my lunch experience from yesterday afternoon. Our class was preparing to grab lunch prior to visiting a museum. In the upper-level of Brussels, there weren’t many restaurant choices, and many of the choices available were quite pricey. Any interesting fact, though, is that a small area had quite a few Italian restaurants, so I guess this was Brussels’ own Little Italy.Roberta, Jerrice, and I decided to get lunch at an Italian pizzeria. Our server comes to the table, and we discover that he doesn’t speak English, French, or Dutch. I’m thinking, “How are you living in Brussels!?” So crazy. We only had about 45 minutes for lunch, and I wasn’t very hungry, so between the three of us, we ordered 1 pizza (which was quite large), bruschetta, and a salad. Of course the server was shocked that we planned to share these items. After he took our order, we could tell he was laughing at us. Despite all of this, the food was WONDERFUL! Too bad we had to rush so we could make it to the museum. When we asked for the check, the server wanted us to take our time. We explained we had to go. Jerrice went up to pay, but we needed change. Instead of giving the change to Jerrice, the server walks over to the table to hand the change to Roberta. I have learned that here the elder member of the group is treated with the most respect and viewed as the person in charge.

Which leads me to my next topic of discussion, our trip to the BELvue Museum. The people at the museum automatically thought Johnell was our professor/chaperone. The museum was pretty cool. There was interesting art work about the history of Brussels. My favorite part was the underground palace. I think it is interesting how they rebuilt buildings right on top of the original buildings. It’s as if historic Brussels is almost completely underground. And it is so cool that they allow people to view the original buildings.

Additional notes about life in Belgium:
– Netflix and Pandora do not work in this country (SO unfortunate)
– Houtsiplou is my favorite restaurant (I’ve eaten there twice)
– I LOVE how I can have beignets for breakfast every morning!
– Today DJ, Bobby, and I ate lunch in a green square (Just like all the cool Europeans do)
– The weather has gotten warmer (YAY!)
– DJ and me are the sleepers in the group. In our opinion, nap time > supper time (However, we’ve gone to get supper at least once)

Au revoir






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