The Best of Both Worlds

By Laura Diaz
I think that I have many things, just for one day,  to tell about my stay in India. It was a cultural shock, in spite of having knowledge of that country through the Internet. We were on a plane for fifteen hours flying From New York to New Delhi. We started to perceived how different we seemed to Indians, like different human beings.  It  was hard for the first couple of hours. Later  we had the  opportunity to meet, on the plane,  a real estate agent, who lives in Mumbai, and talked us about the most important Indian topics and  its customs that  made us to be prepared for many and surprised experiences to come.
When we arrived in Kerala, the realty was shocking. The level of poverty is quite high; however, people are 90.8% literate and have a life full of joy. The natural sources in Kerala are amazing and we can understand why this “state” is known as “the best of both worlds”.In our first day of our internship, the Director of the resort recommended us to get some appropriate clothes to be comfortable among people from different culture, even though we were prepared. For instance, styles that can be considered as conservative ones in our culture, in India are considered as inappropriate; women do not show their shoulders, chest or knees and skirts have to be long length.Our duties include:  Modify hotel website, create brochures and develop a project against a port that the government wants to build  on an area where 31 resorts are located  and which will be  relocated . Although the new project will provide more jobs, Kerala will lose its real essence, which is the natural sources to provide a place without pollution for the tourists. During this time we will have to interview the resorts’ managers and their guests and to write a report explaining why it is important to keep this area of India without ports, to be sent as for the purpose of perceiving the importance of these beaches.

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