June 5, Wednesday – Beyti to the Rescue!

By Tiffany Abera

I arise from a less than restful slumber and start my day with a pleasant breakfast of eggs fir fir and traditional coffee called buna.  Off I go to the orphanage to spend time with some of God’s wonderful creations.  Today I spent my time with the 4-5 year olds which thankfully there are only 3 and a few preteen boys.  Zenesh and Sultan are my two favorite from this age. They are so full of life, energy, giggles and the sweetest faces ever! I was able to have some one on one time with Sultan and “played” tetherball which consisted of us counting really loudly and him swinging the ball. It was a treasure to watch him enjoying himself.

I should also mention that I still didn’t have my luggage. I am down to one more clean shirt. Thankfully, my sister-in-law Beyti was going to be meeting me so that we could go to the airport together.  When she arrived I couldn’t have been happier. I mean the kids were fun but I got bored after a few hours with limited toys and other stimulation. Who wouldn’t get bored? There was nothing to do! Off to the airport we were and naturally there was tonssss of traffic. Upon arrival we were faced with the military police “guarding” the security of the airport. It was a joke and equally frustrating. They wouldn’t let Beyti in at first to accompany me but the more lost I looked the more sorry they felt for me so they let her in.  Now to get past the next round of “security.” This guy was even more of a douchebag than the first two. Betyi and I seriously had to hold my tongue before we both got kicked out with no luggage.

I made my way to the luggage claim counter and it just so happens that it arrived the day before. You can imagine my frustration when I had given them a number that they should have called when my luggage arrived and then no one had called. At this point I was about to blow but I had to remember the patience I was working on. Patience. Oh patience I really wish I didn’t have then because I was on my way to blowing a fuse.  I signed the papers for my bag and I was out of that airport as fast as a mouse escaping the mouth of a cat.

Off we were back on the road to meet with a few of Betyi and Benyi (her husband’s) college friends, Ezra and Chipu.  They ran an internet café/game room and I was so excited to finally get to use the internet! We ate and chatted for a little while until it was time to head back to Kotebe to my guest house.  Betyi suggested that I stay with her at her sister’s house for a few days and how could I say no! I dropped off my bags and didn’t think twice.  A chance to get out and see more of the town and to spend time with family I couldn’t pass up plus we were going to go out of town the next day. I didn’t know exactly where, but I wasn’t going to sit in my room alone or to be bored for another day.


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