How far will you go to find peace of mind

By Catalina Quinones

300px-Kerala_Greenest_of_all_indian_stateThere are a lot of information on the web about India but definitely there is a huge difference in getting knowledge by reading it versus by experiencing it. Once I arrived to Kerala-India I could not resist to feel depressed when seeing a city where all I could see was poverty, pollution, noise, and dirt. Later on, I went to the city to know and experience more about the culture and this new way of living. I have to say that seeing this reality made me appreciate more what I have had, and to see that there are people that have less opportunities but live a happy life.

In the first day in our internship, the hotel took us to buy some appropriate clothes. Many styles of dress that are perfectly acceptable in the West are downright offensive to most Indians. While buying clothes I could see how people looked at us because we had some shirts without sleeves. Wearing clothing that is indecent by Indian’s standards is insulting to their culture.

Later, the Director explained us the hotel concept and our duties. Indian’s hotels concept is a fusion of pleasure with both mental and physical health. Hotels offers ayurveda, yoga, massage therapies, and meditation as the principal method to have an amazing holiday experience. It is amazing to see how nature, yoga, and meditation can help people find peace of mind and charge people’s “batteries”.

As part of our duties, we have to manage the hotel website, create brochures that increase tourism, and develop a project against a port that the government want to build in that area. If the government decided to build the port all the 31 hotels in the area will disappear or will have to find other location. Laura and I have to interview the managers of the 31 hotels and some guest in order to write a full report that will be send to the government as a prove of how the port will affect tourism and the economy of the area.

Life in India is completely different from which I am used to. I am amazed to experience this new culture and new way of living. Yoga and meditation for Indians is a way of life: whatever can take you down can also take you up.


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