Bienvenue en Belgique

By Holguine Augustine

My name is Augustin, and I am an integrated global communication graduate student at Kennesaw State University. For the next few days myself and eight other classmates will be touring Belgium and chronicling our learning experiences and adventures. I noticed that when travelers describe their experience in another country they will describe where they visited using their five senses, well mostly four. If you have never been to Belgium, follow my blog and you will get a glimpse into Belgium’s history, culture, and unique multi-lingual communication aspect. For the savvy travelers who visited Belgium your welcome to flow my blog also and relive your memories in Belgium.

Close your eyes and imagine this. A cold and windy day with the sweet aroma of chocolate and pastries wafting in the air. Bonjour and merci are heard among conversations with the locals as your walking on cobblestone streets. France, Canada, or Luxembourg? This could be one of the many francophone countries. Welcome to Belgium, a country with rich history and culture. After a long flight and engaging in interesting conversations with the other flight passengers we finally arrived in Belgium. My first thought was great I can speak French with the Belgians. I grew up in a Creole and French speaking household, and I found it refreshing that I will be interacting with French speakers outside of the U.S. We were pre-warned that it will be cold and now I can say that I experienced cold June days, but I still prefer a hot day in Spring.

Within the first few hours in Belgium I noticed some streets were lightly littered and outside urinals should have warning signs. On a serious note walking and breathing near the urinals is an experience I do not want to relive, but it is part of my Belgium experience. Along each street that we explored there are shops, restaurants, and beautiful displays of art. Besides the small aroma challenged areas I am happy that I will be experiencing life in Belgium and using my five senses to describe my study tour. Hopefully, you will be able to smell the sweet aromas, see the intricately detailed architecture, and hear the different languages spoken by the locals as you savor one of Belgium’s famous chocolates.

Good bye. Au Revoir.


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